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There was so much love in that room.
I look back and smile-
she was so beautiful.

Even though she is no longer with me,
I know that she is with me always.
I dream of her.

I remember the first time we lay together-
she was a bit scared to I tied her to the bed,
just so that she would feel secure.

She was loud, she must have liked it.
But a little too loud, so I gagged her,
Just so the neighbours wouldn't complain.

Someone must have told her something bad about me,
she hit me and ran away when I untied her.
I know she didn't mean it though, we were in love.

I followed her to try to reason with her.
She fought me hysterically and wouldn't listen,
Just screamed.

She was out of her mind so I did the humane thing.
I put her out of her misery,
and gave her a service in my backyard.

I know what you're all thinking,
That it's illegal.
But I believe in euthenasia.
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Never care for life but for the one thing that makes us who we are today FUCK EVERYTHING!!!!!

They wonder why we wear dogtags because we want to die young